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Dr. Melanie Worley

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1:1 live sessions with ongoing support: We’ll cover the benefits and logistics of plant-based eating, explore meal planning to optimize your health, and discuss strategies for achieving your health goals. The number and length of live sessions will be personalized to meet your needs. You’ll receive ongoing support via our monthly newsletter. If you have questions, you can connect with your coach via email or text.

Shopping and meal planning resources: You’ll receive personalized meal planning and meal preparation tips, recipes, and a pantry and fridge stocking list.

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About Dr. Melanie Worley

I am an Emergency Medicine physician and soon-to-be Sports Medicine fellow, 3-time Boston marathoner with a 2:56 personal best, and Ironman 70.3 World Championship Qualifier. I am passionate about plant-based diets for both athletic performance and disease prevention.

I attended undergraduate at Wake Forest University, where I graduated summa cum laude with a Health and Exercise Science major with honors and was a member of Phi Betta Kappa. I then attended Ohio University for medical school, where I was president of the Lifestyle Medicine Club. In residency, I served as the Chief Resident of Wellness.

To learn more, follow me on Instagram @trainedonplants and check out my podcast, which is all about lifestyle and sports medicine, plant-based fueling, and running/triathlon training.

About Jennifer Worley

Jennifer obtained her B.A. in English from Ohio State University and Master of Arts in Sociology at the University of Cincinnati. She earned a certificate in plant-based nutrition from eCornell's T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies. She has over 20 years of experience teaching college students. Her goal is to apply her knowledge of plant-based eating and her teaching and mentoring skills to help people transition to a plant-based diet.

When routine blood work came back with elevated inflammatory and disease markers in her early 40s, Jennifer tried a mostly plant-based diet. Within a few months, her numbers improved. Although she remained vegetarian, she struggled to maintain a consistently healthy diet. After being diagnosed with and overcoming triple-negative breast cancer, she has adopted a whole food plant-based diet along with daily exercise and mindfulness strategies to optimize her health. She has a special interest in coaching cancer survivors and patients.


Foods to Fuel Your Workout

What can you do to maintain your energy level to push through longer or tougher workouts or beat your PR at a race or event? Paying attention to the quality and timing of nutrition before you exercise can optimize your physical performance.

The goal of eating before a workout or event is to restore glycogen, the carbohydrates that supply your immediate energy needs during exercise. To get that immediate energy, the nutrients in your pre-workout meals should come primarily from carbohydrates. Protein takes longer to digest and does not provide a quick energy boost, so limit the amount of protein you consume before exercise. Fiber and fats should also be minimized, as these can create stomach upset.

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